Fashion Shots

Maximalismo A Color >>> Especial Dries Van Noten

Photography Nicolas Coulomb Styling Georgia Pendlebury Modeling Fernando Cabral @ MGM Assistant Chloé Cohen Art direction Florence Tétier All clothes: Dries Van Noten Socks: Falke Shot at Galerie Chevalier

novembre_magazine_special-dries-van-noten_3645 novembre_magazine_fernando-cabral-by-nicolas-coulomb-georgia-pendlebury_3663 novembre_magazine_special-dries-van-noten_3656 novembre_magazine_special-dries-van-noten_3652 novembre_magazine_special-dries-van-noten_3659 novembre_magazine_special-dries-van-noten_3654 novembre_magazine_special-dries-van-noten_3660 novembre_magazine_special-dries-van-noten_3651 novembre_magazine_special-dries-van-noten_3650 novembre_magazine_special-dries-van-noten_3648 novembre_magazine_special-dries-van-noten_3647 novembre_magazine_special-dries-van-noten_3646 novembre_magazine_special-dries-van-noten_3658 novembre_magazine_special-dries-van-noten_3657

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